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As Salsabeel is a place dedicated to preserving and imparting valuable knowledge that is according to the beautiful Islamic tradition.

Traditional Islamic classes with a qualified teacher, Islamic children's books, lesson plans and a range of other features are available.

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May it benefit you in this life and the next where the River Salsabeel flows.

Study Quran or gain Ijaazah in Islamic subjects under a qualified ustadha

Are you interested in improving your Qur'an recitation and memorisation with a qualified teacher OR in studying other Islamic subjects in a structured setting that can lead to Ijaazah (authority to teach)?

Children's Books

As-Salsabeel offers you a range of beautifully illustrated children's books that are original and not sold anywhere else! They may be used as a teaching resource or simply be read to children for their joy!

Lesson Plans for Teachers

Wonderful, original and fun packed lesson plans for kids. The ustadha has tried to design lessons which implement the integrated method where academic subjects and Islamic studies are linked

Madarij-us-Salikeen (English)

Drink from the sustenance provided by this text and continue your journey O traveller

Bint Qayyim's Blog

A beautiful blog full of personal reflections, translated excerpts from famous texts and reminders of the beauty in the world

Lofty Aspirations

A beautifully designed treatise on the topic of having lofty aspirations