Allah’s Deprivation is a Blessing



From the chapter of ٍٍSatisfaction; Madaraij al Salikeen by Imam ibn al Qayyim

“That he knows that Allah’s deprivation to His believing and loving slave, is in reality an endowment and trialing him is a (spiritual) comfort.

Sufyan al Thawri said: Allah’s deprivation is endowment”

And that is because Allah did not deprive him out of stinginess rather He looked into the affairs of His slaves and saw that deprivation is better for him.

Al Musnaf rahimahullah said: “For He SWT does not decree something for His believing Slave except that it was good for him, whether good or evil, for His decree to His believing slave is endowment even if it were in the guise of deprivation. His trials are a comfort though they may appear like an affliction. However, the ignorance of the slave and his oppression (to himself) does not allow him to see this and only considers the present enjoyments. Though had he been given sufficient knowledge (of this) he would have regarded deprivation as a blessing, and affliction as a mercy, and he would have enjoyed his moments of hardships more than his moment of ease and he would have taken pleasure in his poverty more than his wealth and would be more thankful in (moments of) scarcity than (moments of) abundance. And this is was the state of the Salaf.”

For he who is wise and is pleased with the decree of Allah (good or evil): regards affliction as (spiritual) comfort, deprivation a blessing and poverty as wealth.

And Allah has revealed to some of His messengers

اذا رأيت الفقر مقبلا،ققل: مرحبا بشعار الصالحين،واذا رايت الغنى مقبلا، فقل ذنب عجلت عقوبته

“If you see poverty approaching then say: ‘welcome to the symbol of the pious’, and if you see wealth approaching, then say: ‘a punishment for a sin has been precipitated!’ “

For the wise is he who: regards the blessing of Allah as being in the things he dislikes and appreciates them more than in the things he likes. As some have said: “Oh son of Adam! Allah’s blessing on you in what you dislike is greater than His blessing on you in that which you like. And he Swt said:

And it may be that you dislike a thing which is good for you [2:126]