Assalamu Alaikum Customers

The terms and conditions are simply:

1. You may pay for the product through the system set up in the "check out" where your payment will be made through paypal should you make an order. We will then try to contact you regarding your purchase to confirm receipt of payment and to confirm that your order has been shipped out to you.

2. Ensure you have entered your email so we may  be able to contact you regarding your purchase order.

3. Depending on your location, a shipping fee will be charged to you after your initial purchase if you are outside USA mainland and a smaller fee if you are within the USA mainland. 

4. You should receive your order within the normal shipping/mail delivery time taken for national or international orders.

5. Should you wish for a refund, please contact us through the "contact us" form on our website and we will organise to refund your payment as soon as the product purchase has been shipped back to us

6. Do not make unauthorised copies, share pdf's publicly anywhere nor sell the the books and/or lesson plans without consent of the author.