From Imam Ibnul-Qayyim’s Madarijus-Salikeen- The Station of Chivalry

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And Futuwwah is to treat others with kindness, and in the best of manners.

Umar bin Uthman Al-Makki Rahimahullah said: Futuwwah is (having) good character.

Ad-Daqqaq Rahimahullah said:

The finest and most perfect level of Futuwaah exists only in the Prophet- SallahAllahu alaihi waSallam- for on the day of judgment everyone will say ‘Myself, Myself!’ and he, SallahAllahu alaihi wa Sallam- will say, “My Ummah, my Ummah!”

Sahl Rahimahullah said: Futuwwah is following the Sunnah.

It was said: Futuwwah is being loyal and trustworthy.

Also: An act of good that you do, believing you had no part in it.

It is said that a man was staying in Madinah after Hajj when he lost the money he was carrying. He looked around and saw Ja’far bin Muhammad -Radiallahu anhuma- and accused him of stealing it. Ja’far asked him, “How much did the pouch contain?” The man replied, “A thousand Dinar”. Ja’far asked the man to follow him to his home where he took out a thousand Dinars and gave it to the man. Later, the man found his money and when he returned to Ja’far to apologize and return his money Ja’far replied, “Whatever leaves my hand in giving does not return to it”.