Welcome to the the As-Salsabeel produced treatise on Lofty Aspirations (u’loo al himmah)

In the true spirit of Islam we welcome you with greetings of peace. As-Salsabeel is the combined effort of a group of Muslims united with the goal of producing a source of glad tidings for the Muslims, for the sake of Allah (swt). Our vision is to encourage good, inspire hope, and enjoin trust and unity amongst the Muslims, if not this then at the very least we hope this initiative can serve as a much needed reminder for us all.

Its contents have been written in the hope that it provokes thought and galvanises irrevocable belief in the keys to our success as Muslims in this life and the next. 

The topic of Lofty Aspirations (u’loo al himmah), is a much needed but unfortunately depleted element in the character of the Ummah at large. The change is very near though, by the will of Allah.

This magazine has no affiliation to any particular country, culture, group or sect – rather our loyalties are first and foremost to Islam and the Muslims. We hope you enjoy the first issue.

Editor in Chief

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