The following Arabic Learning Classes are offered by the ustadha

Arabic 101  - Learn to read Quranic Arabic through the method of An Nooraniah

Students will cover the book Al Qa’ida An Noorania as a stepping stone into Quranic Arabic reading. Upon completion, students will be able to read from the Mus-haf and will be given the option to continue intermediate level classes.

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Intermediate Tajweed: learn the ahkaam (rules) of Tajweed theory and practice. This level is for students who can read but have not learned the more intricate rules of Tajweed.

Advanced Tajweed & Ijazah preparation: this is an advanced stage of Tajweed learning for those seeking an ijazah. Students will recite the Quran cover to cover and all rules of Tajweed will be taught in this course. This course does not guarantee the earning of an ijazah due to the strict preferences of the teacher and several khatms (competions) of the Quran may be necessary before a student is eligible for Ijazah.

Hifdh & Review: this is opened to students of all levels to work on their memorization and revision.