"As a teacher she is genuinely invested in ensuring that you receive the best that she has to offer, while also maintaining friendly support and a dash of good-natured reprimand when needed. She has inspired me to see more than I ever knew existed within me - both in my studies as well as in my personal life. I'm at a loss for words in describing how much more than tajweed I have learned from Layla over the years and wish that every young woman could learn from her."

Sister Fathima N. (September 2015)

Working with Laila has been great Alhamdulilah! She is incredibly knowledgeable, patient, and flexible to work with. I am looking to learn Arabic as a second language both to understand the Qur’an and communicate with family, and in the short time that I have been taking lessons I have already increased fluency in reading and feel confident and comfortable in my ability to learn!

Sister Suldano (September 2015)

Reading from the Quran fluently is what I'm hoping to achieve and so far slowly slowly I'm getting there! I learnt rules I didn't even know about which have made things easier to understand. I had trouble with some pronunciations of some of the Arabic alphabets but I think I've managed to improve. I've had a few lessons and I look forward to them every time because I feel as though I'm accomplishing something big and this is big for me. Each lesson I have makes me want to have more lessons, sometimes I get a little too excited. Alhamdulilah so far my experience has been amazing and look I'm looking forward to my end result inshallah !!

Sister Khadija (September 2015)

I have been working with sister Laila since 2011 I believe. I had learned to read Quran at an early age, but as I grew older I discovered I didn't have the relationship I wanted to have with the word of Allah so I signed up for a tajweed class with her to improve my recitation and understanding. Alhamdulila within a year, although  challenging, I had better recitation capabilities and discovered a love and comfort for Gods words that I didn't have before. Currently, I have started hifz classes with sister Laila, and though again it is challenging, I look forward to seeing how much progress I make over time. Simply speaking, sister Laila is Gods gift to me; she's kind, sweet, and has a beautiful and patient heart that's ready to teach if you are ready to learn. Take the plunge- bizinillah you won't walk out of the class empty handed.

Sister Nimota (August 2015)

Laila is a well-organised and supportive teacher Mashallah. She shapes the pace and delivery style of the classes to suit the individual needs and requests of students. Laila establishes a friendly rapport with her students and is a very approachable person.

Sister Hajar (August 2015)