سئل الفضيل بن عياض عن التواضع؟

Al Fadayl bin ‘Iyad was asked about humility

And he said:

يخضع للحق, وينقاد له, ويقبله ممن قاله

That he submits to the truth, and is to be driven to it and to accept it from whomever utters it


And it was said:

التواضع أن لا ترى لنفسك قيمة, فمن رأى لنفسه قيمة فليس له في التواضع نصيب

Humility is seeing no value in yourself, and whomsoever sees value in himself has no share in humility


وقال ابو يزيد البسطامي: هو أن لا يرى لنفسه مقاما ولاحالا, ولا يرى في الخلق شرا منه

And abu Yazid al bastami said: It (humility) is that he does not see value in himself and that the creation sees no evil from him

Reference: Madarij al salikeen v.2 p.268